System Integration

WT&T has strong expertise in design of fiber-coupled light sources, including RF modulated semiconductor lasers, SLED and LED. Complex optical transmission and measurement systems can be designed and manufactured, based on customer's needs. Please visit Custom product Gallery for some illustration.

    Multi- channel laser/LED/SLED systems

    Multi- channel RGB LED source   (pdf file coming soon)    

    Multi- channel laser source   (pdf file coming soon)  

    Multi- channel SLED source   (pdf file coming soon)

   Fiber coupled optical sensors interrogation system

    SLED- based optical filter characterization system  (pdf file)

    Multi-channel laser- based sensor interrogation system (pdf file coming soon)

    Optical filters

     Tunable dual Fabry-Perot filter (pdf file)

     Compact tunable filter (pdf file)

     Compact tunable filter with circulator (pdf file)

     Temperature-stabilized gain flattening filter (pdf file)

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