Compact broadband single-mode fiber coupled SLED module

Overview of WT&T broadband sources and lensed fiber Click here to download (1.7 Mb)

     Main features include:
         Single mode fiber pigtailed with APC connector
         Medium optical power: 1- 20 mW
         Spectral width (FWHM): 25- 150 nm
         High stability of power and spectra
         Low sensitivity to feedback light
         Integrated with TEC and current driver, plug and play

    Available wavelength:
         ~ 976 nm (LD05-BB)
         ~ 1310 nm (LD02-BB)
         ~ 1550 nm (LD03-BB)
    Click here to download pdf file

Transmission/reflection measurement system consisting of:    
    Broadband SLED source module
             Module for optical transmission/reflection measurements ODB-6 (pdf file)
             Isolated optical splitter with multiple output: ODB-2 (pdf file)
             Optical spectrum analyzer
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