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Turnkey fiber-coupled 980 nm pump laser

This is turnkey ~980 nm laser module for optical pumping of Yb/Er-doped active fiber devices, such as optical amplifiers. Module comprises wavelength-locked telecom-grade fiber-coupled laser,   TEC and LDD.  Output power can be set using front panel knob.

Output power: > 120 mW (higher power is available)
Fiber output:  single mode fiber with FC/APC connectors
Spectral width (FWHM):  <0.7 nm
Long term wavelength drift: < 150 pm

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Optical filter characterization system

This is single mode fiber based modular system for measurements of reflectivity and transmission spectra of single-mode fiber-pigtailed and free-space optical filters, including Volume Bragg Grating filters.

System consists of broadband SLED light source, back-reflection measurements module with built-in reference and multi-port broadband fiber splitter. Optical U-bench is used for testing of free-space filters.

Operating wavelength is 900 to 1000 nm and can be expanded with additional SLED light sources to 820 to 1350 nm. Measurements dynamic range (~60 dB) and spectral resolution (~5 pm) is limited by Optical Spectrum Analyzer performance.

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Long cone-shaped multi-mode fiber sensor

This very long and sharp cone shape on the tip of multi-mode fiber was found to be useful for optical sensing of bubbles formed in industrial closed-cycle water cooling systems. Fiber was 125 um diameter primary-coated and cone length can be up to 1000 um. The coating (shown in the larger view picture) can be left intact very close to the fiber cone- for high robustness of the sensing head in the fast stream of water.


Cleaning and local removal of metalization from the fiber

Metalization can be locally removed without damaging the fiber. Metal thickness can be up to 5 um. Micro lens can be manufactured on the fiber tip in close proximity to metalized area.

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