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 Dual output broadband source (flat top spectrum; FWHM 150 nm)

This turn-key single-mode fiber coupled broadband source has two outputs producing up to 15 mW power each.  Spectrum bandwidth is around 150 nm FWHM.

Special features:
-- Adjustable spectrum
-- An external power combiner for further expansion of device spectrum width

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Modulated three channel RGB LED source

This is a turnkey triple wavelength LED source designed for calibration of image analysis hardware.

Based on WT&T modulated LED model LE-1S, optical output of each LED channel can be modulated separately and optical power can be adjusted. Device provides continuous colors, superb spatial uniformity of projected light and good optical power stability. Modulation frequency is up to 100 MHz

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Three channel modulated laser source

This is a turnkey single-mode fiber coupled triple wavelength laser source designed for testing of photo- detector array.

Based on WT&T narrow spectra modules LD05SK and visible module LD04s, optical power output of each laser channel can be adjusted using control knob. Two IR lasers (900 to 1060 nm) can be modulated from external analog or digital generator. Visible laser is used for targeting.

Output power:   up to 50 mW each IR channel                        
Fiber output:     single mode fiber with FC/APC connectors
Long term wavelength drift:     < 150 pm
Modulation frequency:             up to 150 MHz
Modulation extinction ratio:     ~10 dB


Angled fiber with microlens

Shown here is an optical fiber (smf-28) having angle polished tip ~ 45 Deg with integrated focusing lens. This type of lens is found to be useful in optical sensing, instrumental and telecomm applicaitons.

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Fiber coupled broadband light source with 900 nm FWHM

Compact multimode fiber coupled broadband light source covering visible to near IR spectral range. Device can have fiber output having core size of 50 um, 100 um or 200 um. Two independent output version is available.


Customized fiber coupled high power LED

WT&T is working with our customers designing and manufacturing OEM versions of fiber coupled LEDs, meeting requirements for footprint, optical power and stability.

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