About WT&T :

Founded in 2003, WT&T Inc. specializes in research and manufacturing of fiber coupled light sources, including semiconductor lasers, LED and SLED modules, specialty micro- lensed fibers and integrated optical fiber systems.

Fiber coupled laser modules

WT&T has been developing different types of specialty laser modules meeting the unique demand from customers in various fields.  Besides standard plug and play laser modules covering  telecomm wavelengths,  pump laser wavelengths and visible wavelengths, we offer customized laser modules with unique features, including:

(1) Single frequency laser modules operating at 980 nm and 1400 nm with ultra stability, used for laser velocimeter in mining environment and telecom R&D labs;
(2) High power, narrow spectra laser modules operating at 980 nm, single mode or multi- mode fiber coupled, used for Raman spectrometer and fiber laser system;
(3) High frequency modulated laser modules, developed for work with VNA as a light-wave measurements section;
(4) Complete interrogating systems for sensing application such as fault/fracture detection.

Fiber coupled broadband sources: SLED and LED

Fiber coupled broadband sources manufactured by WT&T feature the optimized performance in meeting customer's application.   We select only high quality components from reliable suppliers and always keep in mind the requirement of stability, bandwidth, power and ripple level. 

Recently we introduced fiber coupled LEDs, as a low cost replacement of lasers or SLEDs in some applications.  Our LED modules feature high optical power (up to 35 mW by 1mm fiber) and flexibility of output parameters such as fiber type, pigtail length, connectorization and beam shaping preference.

Specialty fiber component

WT&T can be your ultimate resource for specialty lensed fiber.  We are equipped with various mechanical, thermal, electrical  and chemical approaches for manufacturing fiber components. Using advanced testing methods, we monitor and adjust the critical parameters for your application, such as far field filling, scattering from the surface, back reflection level and lens shape of course. Driven by the popular request from customers like you, new products have been developed including fiber mirror/reflector, fiber collimator and wedge/cone lens. Upon request, we can make customized fiber component such as D-shape fiber, partially polished lens or mirror, fiber assemblies, etc.

If you need additional information, please contact WT&T. We have strong expertise in developing fiber optical sources/system meeting challenging requirement such as fast modulation, power, spectral and polarization stability, output beam control.